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Explore Angkor Wat Temple

Explore Siem Reap to Ancient Khmer Empire city, where they built massive, large stone temples which built in the 9th-13th century were former Khmer people brought massive stone under the reign of King rule the country in that time.

Day1: Full day tour on the small loop.
First of touring dicover South Gate of Angkor Thom city, which decorated by big status know as Demons and Gods  churning Ocean of Milk lead by giant percent lay to entry tower the purpose is get holy water Angkor Thom City cover by 10 km2, wide with 8 meters high, 5 enty towers each gate except from east is two, built wall surrounding to protect the city affer lead to central tower buddhism temples, Bayon temple, which build in12th century thes temples explain about bottle (war)  during Khmer Empire with Siamese known as Thai (Thailand today) Champa country known as Musim in central of Vietnam and Chinese people come and do business with Cambodia in that time, Baphoun temple, Phineakas, Rayal palace, Preah Balilay, Tembranom, Terrace of Leper King, Terrace of Leper Elephant, Terrace of Laper King,North Kleang and South Klang which known as a place where peopl kept their tools and equipment during that time, Thomanon, Choa Chai Tavoda, 11 th century temple Takoe, ground small Jungle Tanei, Taphoum Tomb Rider Large Root tree temple gown over temple, Bantay Kdei, Sra Srong known as Royal swimming pool built for humankind, Bra Sat Khravann end of tour.

Day2: Morning tours sunrise and afternoon on the grand circuit
leave from Hotel early to see the sunrise at the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia known as the 7th wonder of world Angkor Wat temples where three levels with 63-meter high cover by 4 hectares area or see the sunrise at Phnom Bakheng mountain temple highest top view from the city, temples sites and rice paddy field. (Breakfast local restaurant or at your hotel) Pre Rup, Kbal Spean ( thousand of Lingas coved at Riverbank with waterfall in Phnom Kulen mountain range), Bantay Srei temple (Lady pink color sandstone deep detail unbelievable coving stone) Landmine Museum, County side,villages tour learn how people make sugar palm, vinegar, palm vine, chance factory, Bantay Samre, East Mebon, the temple with three grown over east entry, Tasom, Preah Neak Pean, Large ground Buddhist  temple Preah Khan where King build dedicated to his mother end of tour.

Explore Angkor Wat Temple


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