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Explore five days tour in Siem Reap visit countryside tours, temples area such as Koh Kher group, vegetation temple of Beng Melea,  Bantay Srei, Kbal Spean (one thousand of Linga at river bed including in Angkor temples park.

Day1: Pyramid Koh Ker - Prasat Pram - Linga Group -  Beng Melea.
Passengers will be picked up the hotels the first to remote temples which different ticket of Angkor Wat. Buy on way to this temple sites at  Koh Ker Group, the Koh Ker "Angkorian site"  in northern Cambodia. it stayed 112 km northeast of Angkor complex, it was briefly the capital of the Khmer empire between 928 and 944 under king Jayavarman IV and his son HasavarmanII. After the Khmer empire had been established in the Angkor area (Roluos), Jayavarman IV moved the capital in 928 almost 100km nor dominated head to Koh Ker. Across of Koh Ker site, there are many Prasat or tower sanctuaries. it features an enormous Linga on a Yoni that provides space for several people and outlet for the water that was sanctified by running over the linga. It can be seen on the outside wall of one of them. All these temples stand next to each other, dedicated to Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. Most temples are surrounded by libraries and enclosures, many also had moats. At that time, the roofs were made of wood. Nowadays, only the holes for the beams remain in the stone structures and the sites take 2hours and a half away from Siem Reap, the area has been defined only recently and very few visitors' reached. its an attractive site to anyone who would like to experience lonely temples partially overgrown by the forest and inhabited only by birds, calling to each other from the trees above. Note you get pass $10. Afternoon, visit Beng Mealea the temple are confronted with a mass of ruins half devoured by a ravenous jungle. The temple's abandoned stones lie like forgotten jewels swathed in lichen and its temple complex strangled by ivy and vines. it is the king who built Angkor Wat, King Suryavarman II, it is similar in style to his later effort. Beng Mealea it located 75km northeast of Siem Reap but receives only a fraction of the guests and take rest of time back to the hotel in Siem Reap end of tours.

Day 2: Tone Lake Tours & Sunset at Temple Tours.
Moning, after breakfast, picks up hotel 8:00 AM to make your half day different visit fishing community at Tonle Sap Lake ( larges fresh water in South Asia ) at floating/stilted villages, the flooded forest of Kampong Phlouk or Kampong Kleang back hotel relaxing.
Afternoon, buy Angkor Wat ticket the three days pass to see sunset one time at the area at 4: 30 PM to see the sunset at Pre Rup return to the hotel.

Day3- South Gate Angkor Thom - Bayon - Taphroum.
Pick up 5: 00 AM to Angkor Wat for sunrise and back Breakfast at Local restaurant/hotel, visit Phnom Bakheng the Hilltop view of town and temples area to South gate of Angkor Thom the two lines of images hold the Naga lead tower of the city surrounding by the moat, ancient Angkor high way bridge, 54 towers with 216 charming smile faces, Bayon, Baphoun, Phi Meanakas, Royal Palace, Preah Pillay, The Terrace of Elephants, Terrace of Leper King, North Kleang, Takeo temple,  Tamphroum ( known as jungle temple giant tree overrun on temple, where Angelina Julie made movie and another temple nearby Banteay Dkei, Srah Srang return to hotel end of tours.

Day4. Grand Tours - Preah Khan - Preah Neakpean - Pre Rup.
Departure at 8:00 AM meeting in the lobby to avoid the crowd tour group. Visit Buddhism Peah Khan one of ground temple then continue to Preah Neak Pean the Buddhist temple built on Baray of Preah Khan " Lake" then Tasom (the tree grows at the east tower) East Mebon, Banteay Kdei the at Preah Rup and discover Rolous group, the very first site of the ancient Khmer civilization was here involves, then known as Hariharalaya. The Roluos temples were built by King Indravarman I (r 877-89). The first was Lolei and Preah Ko (sacred bull) named after the Nandin statue found on site. Preah Ko has six brick towers each dedicated to his parents, maternal grandparents and to King Jayavarman II and wife. Next five-tiered pyramid-temple and was the inspiration for many of the temples, Bakong, terrestrial version of the celestial Mount Meru. It is beautiful mountain temples rise paddy end of the tour.

Day5- Phom Kulen Waterfall Mountain - Lady Temple Banteay Srei.
Start at 80: 00 AM, discover remote attractions, the first heading to  Bantay Samre, Kulen Mountain and waterfall and to one thousand Lingas at scared/holy caved at river bank) then continue to climb to greatly sleeping buddha on stone Hillview to Waterfall enjoy swimming at pool and lunch. on way back will visit Bantay Srey (citadel of women' dedicated to Shiva pink color Lady temple) enjoy driving pass villages and sightseeing on way back village, where farmers produce sugar palm and back to the hotel.

  • 1: Option Private Vehcile with English Speaking Driver
  • Air-conditioned Car = $ 225 USD 
  • Air-conditioned minivan 15 seats =  $250 USD.
  • including cold ( bt ) of Water and Cold fresh towels during the tour.
  • 2: option Private Vehicles and English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Air-conditioned Car SUV (1-3 people) = $ 425 USD.
  • Air-conditioned Minivan (4-9 people) = $ 450 USD.
  • including cold (bt) of water and cold fresh towels during the tour.

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